Baseball Pitch Radar Gun

Simple to use yet feature rich baseball pitch speed recorder and stat tracker

Key Features

  • Calculates pitch speeds at 60’6″ (Major League), 46″ (Softball), 43″ (Little League), or custom distance
  • Two modes to capture pitch speed: “Tap to Start, Tap to End”, and “Press, Hold, Release”. The only radar gun app to offer both modes. Use the method that works best for you
  • Keep track of one or more pitchers. Great for coaches
  • Keep track of pitch sessions for multiple pitchers
  • Keep track of each pitch thrown in a pitch session
  • Support for both metric and imperial units
  • Email transaction details
  • Email pitch sessions. Email all data recorded in a pitch session to players, coaches, friends, or parents
  • Pitch limit alert
  • Retina display support


Comments, Requests & Problems

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